you have found an error, please check durchcomppumalchi.gq for corrections. If you don't find a correction there, please let us know by sending . This version of the Question Pool has been rearranged to follow the topics as presented in the 3rd edition of the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual. See the. errors), we post corrections on the ARRL Web site. If you think you have found an error, please check durchcomppumalchi.gq ham-radio-license-manual for corrections.

Ham Radio License Manual Pdf

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The book you're reading now, The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual is You'll begin by l The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual. Pages·· Read The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual PDF - by ARRL Inc. | All You Need to Become an Amateur Radio Operator!The ARRL Ham Radio. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share.

Both participants in the Extra Class course passed, one with a perfect score! The extra class was in four sessions, not three like we usually have for Tech and General, because of the larger question pool. The Tech and General Study Guide have been a great help to several of our new licensees as the other training material from other sources just did not make sense to them. Your help them pass with flying colors. Go to hamradiouniversity. Dan, I noticed that your latest study guides have copyright notices, with the following statement on them:.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author. I like to print these out for use in some classes, as well as post them on a club website for download. Is this ok to do? The main reason for this is that from time to time someone points out an error or a typo, which I correct and then put the corrected version on my website.

If you link to my website, rather than simply posting the current version on your website, then they will always get the latest and greatest. I used it and got on my tech test within 1 week. I get my call sign tomorrow and have started shopping for a radio!!!! The tech manual is great! I am new to amateur radio, so this was all new to me. I started reading it last night, finished it this morning, took the test this evening, and only missed two on the Technicians license!

Thank you very much for these two study guides. I found them when I was working on my tech and it made it very easy.

I had no problems with either test after going through the study guide. I recommend both study guides to anyone wanting to take the test. So far, everyone that read through them passed without any problems. Great manuals! Thanks for your guides! I passed both my tech and general exams tonight with 35 and 33 respectively. Dan, I have worked on radio for the past 30 years. But your Technician Guide finally pushede me to make the effort I got a I will be getting my call sign soon and have bought a 2M VX to begin with.

Thank you for taking the time to write this up I will be using your General and when it is done the Extra guide. Downloaded your manual two weeks ago. Printed it and read it over and over. Took my General test today at Midland Tx Hamfest. I Passed!!!! Thanks for a great manual. Im good on QRZ take a look at the mobile on top. I am Timothy J.

I have been using your study guides to help get people ready to take their tests, with good results. Do you plan on re-writing the No-Nonsense Guide to reflect the changes in the new Technician Class question pool? If you do update it, rest assured that I will continue to use it as a resource to help interested people earn their licenses. Timothy, I am indeed working on the new version of the Tech study guide right now.

I hope to have it done by Dayton. Thank you I got my general studying with your guide. I am now studying for Extra but I need one of your guides. Thanx again from all my future students. But I just took my tech license test this morning — after reading your study guide only once. Like, really study, not just read a study guide once. To my surprise, I passed the test this morning. I guess I remembered more than I thought. Ohhh… and because I read your study guide.

Thanks for updating the Tech Guide. Your work is being used all over the nation. I certainly appreciate your work. And, my students benefit, too. I just wanted to thank you for your No Nonsense Technician Class study guide. Using it, I was able to pass my Technician exam today first try. A great resource which I will keep in my file. Good luck with the General Class material. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions on any of the material.

Dan, Hello. I was floored. I read it through 2 days before the test and then again the night before the test. I walked in to the EXAM nervous but comfortable. I was first done with the test, walked outside and awaited the results. What a great feeling. The best score after mine was 3 wrong.

I completely attribute this to your Study Guide. It is now 30 days later and Im reading the General Guide and taking the test this Saturday. Will report back. I have wanted to have a HAM license since I was a teenager. I am now What long wait, but I got it!! Thanks so very much for your effort in putting this guide togther and keeping this current for us.

Way to go, Ron! I love getting feedback like this. I have tried reading the big book to study for my Tech. I eventually ended up using your study guide and in just a few weeks I took my test and only missed two questions. Thank you so much for putting these guides together…you are a lifesaver. Hello Just wanted to say i love your study guide, ive had another one but it wasnt as updated as yours, i found this out after trying to help my xyl get her license and some questions were not on the material.

I was wondering if you were going to have the general material if it changes after this June? I used the tech guide way back in and passed after reading it once. Then in February this year I passed the General with missing 1 question really I knew the answer and simply chose wrong. Again thanks a lot, you are a true credit to amateur radio. Ill be at Dayton this year I do live here lol and would love to shake your hand sir. You have provided so much to so many people.

Wish me luck!! Thank you so much! I found it easier to remember the information in your guide easier to remember. No getting bored between facts. I became a Tech ham just prior to A Google search revealed your study guide.

That led me to print it out and take notes as I read through it. Another read through over the next month and I dropped guide to go with doing as many practice tests from as many websites as possible…………….. Dan, I just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful study guide. A read through the guide just once was enough to put the questions into perspective so that I understood the questions relating to FCC rules and best practices. I had a leg up on the electronics portion, but that too was well-written and concise!

I just took my element 2 exam last night and passed it with flying colors. Even better: I understood the answers, I was giving, largely due to the format of your study guide and how easy it was to look up additional details. Let us know what your callsign is so that we can listen for you on the air……. I just passed my technician licensing test missing only one question!

What a great study guide! I will be using your general study guide to pass the general licensing test this October. I look forward to the day when I can print off the free version of the extra study guide. I hope you are able to use the donation that I just sent you. I look forward to sending you a donation with each test I pass. I am happy to say that I am now making more money than I ever have and am working a job that I sincerely enjoy. I do not miss the challenges presented by Michigan winters, especially the snow.

I hope to talk with you on the air some day. Thinking of you down in Arkansas. Thank you, sincerely, Scott Johnson. So far I have given out 12 copies of the sutdyt guide. Yesterday two of the women went and took the Technician exam, and both passed! They are so excited! One of them asked me for the General Class study guide, which I just emailed to her your latest version, of course. I have a group of young men that have asked me to help teach them so they can take their exam.

I am planning on using your study guide with them and then try to do some demonstrations to augment their studying. BTW, one of the other women brought to my attention that there is one question from the Technician Pool missing from the study guide. It is T1D I wanted to also suggest that an audio version of this could be a wonderful thing. You know, I might give that audio version a shot. In addition to reading the questions and answers in that section, I could make some comments like I do when I teach the one-day Tech class.

If not, what section would you like me to record first? I am confused as to if there is a charge for the study guide? I made a copy of the Technician study guide and then read it can not be reproduced without permission.

I would like to share it with other members of my class. I will gladly pay for the study guide. I need an understandable instruction Manual to help remember. Your study guide is understandable. Thank you. I noticed the use restrictions shown below. Would it be ok if I used your publication for this class? Romanchik All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the autho.

I would love for you to use my study guide for your class, Jeff, but what I would prefer is for each of the students to visit my website and download their own copies. I have two reasons for this:. So the comma needs to be replaced with a period. Great site, by the way! Science kits to allow the students to build basic circuits and discover how components work.

Thanks for the time and effort you put into creating the tech and general study guides. I read through the tech guide once and took the test today. I passed and was complemented on my studying. I took a shot at the general test while I was there and just barely missed it.

I guess that says something about the quality and easy reading of the tech guide. Thanks again! Thank you for your study guide. I was granted my Tech License back in Feb of and was able to pass largely due to your well-written and understandable guide.

Now I have the burning desire to earn my General ticket, and I know I will be able to do so with the assistance of your study guide. I also agree with another poster that it would be nice to see who all you have helped in the country and have a digital map with all of our virtual pins in the map from our home areas.

I am not computer savvy enough to make the map, but I will let you know that you helped me out here in Molalla, Oregon. Thanks again hope to be writing soon with a general upgrade.

What happened to hamradiouniversity. I was really hoping to get a piece of that extra study guide. I will, however, be doing an Extra Class study guide next year when they update the Extra Class question pool. Watch for that. I really enjoyed the technician class study guide, had my license in no time.

I would recommend this guide to anyone wanting to get their license. Hey, thanks for the fantastic guide. One of them handed me a printed copy of your General guide, and right after taking the Tech I went ahead and took the general as well… and passed.

Again, Many Thanks to you! Thank you so much for your helpful study guide! Good stuff. These study guides helped me pass tech, and general exams! Thank you so much, found the link on wired. Thank you Dan for you wonderful study guides. I passed my Technician exam with flying colors and plan on taking the General exam very soon. Looking forward to the Extra study guide later on this year.

Wow Dan! Your Study guide is amazing. I took a class here in Medford, Oregon with 17 others. We used the current ARRL manuel to study. Myself and several others in the class were totally new to electronics etc. We were pretty discouraged with the layout of the manuel, the question layout etc. I ran across your Study Guide last week.

I wish I could have had it from the beginning. It would have been so much easier to learn from the way you grouped everything together so that one could see it all at once rather than jumping back and forth and all over the place. We tested today and all but two in our class passed. I missed 5, but I know I could have aced it if I had your plan from the beginning.

To bad your guide is not the official one and more people could be helped by it. I only have one recommendation of something to add to it. Thanks for all of your hard work and time it must have taken you to put your study guide together. It was a constant torment trying to use the other one.

I wasted many hours with the jumping around and forgetting what I just read because of all the jumping around. Ok Dan, I am giving your study guide a try.

I have been trying to understand the ARRL book for a few days, and im just not getting some of it. But after just looking at a few of the pages in your study guide things started to make senss! I will get back to you when I do pass my test! Please e-mail me if you have any problems understanding any of the material. Love them both. Gonna smoke it! I look forward to reading your latest Extra class study guide soon. Thank you so much for making this study guide available.

It was a great help, and I successfully passed the Technician Class exam this past Monday. Would just like to echo and add my own thanks for your Tech and General guides. I am currently studying hard to upgrade to General, hopefully before Field Day. Thanks, again. Dan I have downloaded the pdf for the General as well as bought a copy for my site, I am hoping to have my General ticket by July at the latest.

Thank you for your Technician study guide. My yo son used it to study and today at Dayton, he passed the exam! I was down there, too. It would have been nice to meet you both and shake your hands. Dan, Thank you for the General Study guide. Now I am ready and hope that you can do the Extra Study Guide please.

Amateur radio

High, thanks for these study guides, I was able to brush up and pick up my general. After 2 tries my wife was able to get her Tech! That is a big win for your writing style since she is not technically inclined unless the material is present in certain ways. She was able to engage with me on some topics as I studied for my General that she had just absorbed from your tech study guide.

The document has Sticking power! I was ecstatic when this happened! Dan, thank you so much for your guides. My wife just used it to get her Tech, and I used it to get my General. Thanks to your guide my wife completely new to the world of ham radio and electronics ACED her test!! Thank you for your fine study guide passed Tech and General same day. It is easy scan, read, highlight the study guide, note cards and practice tests.

Many thanks for your guides. Is the Extra class guide coming anytime soon? Would be great to have it in the next few days: Thanks for your books!

Very helpful. I have been asked, when will this be available to the general public. Your materials were a great companion to the ARRL books for getting the questions and reasons behind them out in a compact understandable nature.

Congratulations, Katie! You might be the first to get an Extra Class license by using my study materials. If you ever hear me on the air, please give me a call.

Thank you! Do you have any further information on the creation of an Extra Class study guide to add to your suite of materials? Thanks for the No-Nonses study guides.

They are wonderful. I used it to study for the Tech and General passed both of them missing only a few questions each. After reading the guide once through for a primer I just started taking the practice tests over and over until I got things down.

My wife used the tech to study as well and she passed. Dan … At long last your Extra Class Guide is available. I appreciate your commitment and effort, and look forward to digging in and studying it.

I am glad to see that you recognized that a lot of time and effort went into it and deserves fair compensation. Thanks for your kind words, Vic, and thanks for reminding me that I should have posted a comment here that the Extra Class study guide is now available.

THanks Bruce. My Extra Class study guide was just published, and covers the questions in the latest question pool. All of my study guides are up-to-date.

The General Class study guide was released in and covers the question pool released then, while the Tech study guide was updated in to cover that question pool. I just wanted to say thank you for the time and effort you put into these guides. I used both the tech and general guides and took both at o.

Again I thank you. I want to teach a Tech License class and I am going to direct all students to your website so they can all get their own copy of the guide. I plan to have a combination of lecture, whiteboard work and power point presentation. Can I use portions of your guide in the presentation? For sure. What kind of class are you going to teach, a one-day class or a more traditional multi-session class? I was leaning toward a 3 day course. Do the tech part the first day, the station operation and rules the second day and the third day have a review and the test.

Have people been successful teaching the whole thing in one day, followed by the exam? What do you suggest? I studied the technician guide. The day before I went to take the test, I found out that I could take more than one test on the same day. I read through your general guide once the night before and was able to pass the general test too. I passed your site on to a girl that failed the test today and have been telling everyone about your awesome study guides. Thanks so much for these guides!

I probably read it for 2 weeks off and on to get familiar with the concepts and info, and then for another 2 weeks or so I read your Tech guide. I passed the test and got 33 out of 35 right this past Saturday.

I went ahead and took the General exam in the same sitting and ALMOST passed it — I missed 2 questions too many, but I had read your General exam guide for about an hour on the Friday night before the Saturday test just in case I got ambitious.

You almost got me through to General this past Saturday, so thanks for your work! I plan on using your notes in a month to actually secure the General exam. Dan, thank you so very much for the Extra Study Guide.

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I have been reading it off and on and I am going to get off my night stand and really start reading it and then start taking practice tests. I want to surprise my buddy in Ga, and pass it with flying colors. Thanks again, see you on twitter. Thank you very much for the free study guides. Having the free material really motivated me to study and take the test. I used the Tech and General guides and missed only 5 questions total, all on the General test.

I have passed your guides on to many hopeful hams. Thanks again for all your hard work. Wonder full stuff you have here. Thank you for all your free study guides. I am currently studying for my extra class and when studying for General I used your guide. Thanks for your hard work. I took both tests last night and passed both.

Missed 2 questions on the Tech and 3 on the General test. I used your Tech and General guides exclusively. Studied them both for about a week in addition to taking online practice tests 2 or 3 tests per day.

When I would miss a question I would look it up in the guide and re-read that paragraph. Thanks for publishing them online for FREE. Woohoo — free is good. Great site. I want to be a ham. There are no nearby classes and there are no testing sessions within five hours of me.

I tend to pick at least one big project each winter where I can put my focus and end the winter with an achievement. And so I would like to study to take all three tests at once next spring. Is there ONE book that will prep me to take all three tests? Unfortunately, though, there is no single book that will prepare you to take all of the tests.

Having said that, though, my Tech and General class study guides are free downloads. You could get those, then download one of the Extra Class study guides not necessarily mine. It sounds like you have plenty of time, so you could supplement the study guides by surfing the Web for more information on particular topics. Thank you for the exams study guides.

I passed Tech last night having read thru your guide a few times and taking the online exams. I have your General and Extra guides and look forward to testing for them in the coming months. I just wanted to thank you for your Technician study guide. I read through it once and took some practice exams on QRZ. Took the exam last Saturday and it was a piece of cake.

There are many places to take practice tests online, including aa9pw. Keep in mind that these are only practice tests. I do see new posts from folks using the material to pass tests. Yes, the study guides are current. The dates you mention refer to when the current question pools were published. They are updated every four years. So, next year, the Tech question pool will be updated and be the question pool.

Thanks so much for putting the study guides together. I came within two questions missed 11 when you can only miss 9 of getting my General ticket at the same time. I will be sending a donation your way when I can.

Now I just have to get some gear… and upgrade to General… and file for a vanity call…. After many scheduling problems over the holiday season I passed the Extra exam comfortably. Read the book, cover to cover, twice and took practice exams on QRZ for a week then laid off for a month. Three days before the exam I took some more practice exams with your book in hand and scored 45 or better every time.

Took the exam and scored high. Used your study guide to get my Technician Class license today. Read it about 3 or 4 times, made notes in the margins and took practice test on-line. Many thanks.

Dan, What a great resource. I used your tech study guide and aced my tech test on the first try. I also took the General and was able to pass it on my first try. I am guessing some of the general knoledge was left over from my years as an ET in the Navy, but the review you put together was exactly what I needed for the Tech test.

May I download your study guides and possibly print a version for my personal use to learn…. Cordially, Lisa. The Tech question pool is changing July 1, , and the Tech Study Guide on this website uses the soon-to-expire pool. When will the Tech guide for the new pool be issued? Our next exam session is July 12, When during this year will you be updating your guides? The edition of the study guide is now ready for downloading. Go to https: It is a dream come true. I became a ham in at age I try to add two for every one; that way my list will never deplete and I will be around forever.

I am so happy that I stumbled across your book.

Item Preview

I just wanted to say that the Extra guide worked. I read through it once, and took half a dozen practice tests. Used your Extra guide as part of my studies for the Exam exam this weekend and passed! After finding out that an organization near me is holding tests in August, I began preparing using your guides. I plan to download the Extra-class guide in the next few days, and my goal is to complete the three-license trifecta in one testing session.

Thanks for all the hard work you put into these guides. Much appreciation.

Used your study guides and passed the Technician class exam in May and the Extra class in June. Invaluable resource! Hi Dan — Thanks for all of the work you put into the study guides. Now I just have to wait on the FCC to issue a callsign: Hello, Alfredo. Many folks that are now hams have used my study guides, and only my study guides, to get their licenses.

Let me know if you have other questions. Dan, I wanted to let you now that I mentioned your study guides in an article I wrote for my site. Thought item would be a great introduction to Amateur Radio! Thank you for putting this together! I used the tech book and received my license in May of , I am using the book to study for my general now.

I used your guide to get two friends their tech class license. One had NO prior electronics knowledge along with English being her second language, and the other had 20 years as a US Army radio repairman.

Both passed the tech exam on their first try and felt so confident that they attempted the general test that same day. Thank you for you Technician course. E5C08 is wrong in the Extra guide.

It states 53 degrees, but should be 37 degrees. Overall though, a great guide.

My question is are you going to update the general class guide when the question pool changes, or will it stay the same? Hi, Dante. I will definitely be updating the General Class study guide. So, while there are many changes, most of the questions remain unchanged. No question about it your study guides were a great help. Thanks for the effort you put in making them available. Hi, Neil. My study guides are geared to helping people pass the U.

So, to answer your question, yes, my study guides would be of limited use to you in Australia.

I commented on your post last week about the testimonials, but it seems to have been removed for some reason. Just wanted to say thanks for the guides, they helped out a lot. Your study guides were invaluable for getting my license. We are having an earthquake drill in a couple of weeks and I just felt the need to finally get my ham license. I studied your technician and general license guides for a couple of weeks along with some tests and flash cards.

I made one mistake on my Technician Exam, no mistakes on my General Exam, and came within 4 questions of passing the Extra Exam. Using your guide our trainers presented a 6 hour class for the Tech license It was originally scheduled as one day but scheduling conflicts forced it to two days a week apart.

Thanks for your excellent guide. I am a technician who will be taking the extra class exam in a couple of months. Does your guide go through each question one by one? Both the Gordon West study guide and my study guide cover each question, but we do it in different ways.

I think that what Gordon West does is take each question and explains why the correct answer is correct. What I do is to take each question in the question pool, rephrase them as statements, then group related questions and add text to explain the concepts.

Rather than treat each question individually, I cover related questions together, and compare and contrast them. I only missed 3 questions on the exam, and those from second-guessing myself. Thank you very much Dan!

I got my tech ticket back in and just this year I got on the air. I thought about bumping up to the general so I searched for a study guide. Solely by using your No-Nonsense General I was able to pass that general no problem, a couple of months ago. Next up, the extra class. Not in the near future. Thanks again. Total stinking novice and and old guy.

Need to know this stuff. Let you know results from usuing you resources. Thanks to your No Nosense Technician Class guide, a friend is newly licensed. I used it as a reference, conducting a tutorial for a few students — one of them sat for and passed the Technician test today.

Your Extra Class guide proved a worthy download: I passed my Extra Class exam at the same session. Thanks for the work you put into the guide. Really helped organize and bring some context to the material, which is a great way to learn.

Hi Dan i want to say thank you for your study guides. I got both the Tech and General. Thank you for your wonderful books. Thanks Aaron. Real happy to be back in ham radio as KW4PI. Thanks, Dan. I am happy to have found your study guides on the Internet and just downloaded the pdf version of the Technician exam.

Thanks for your kind words, Johnny. If you have any questions about the material, please feel free to ask. You should have six or seven sample pages of your text so people like me can get an idea if the General guide will help them or not. I have the Gordo book and that is not helping. I just got my Tech… but want to get the Gen before I download equipment.

I post sections of each of the study guides on my blog as I update the sections. The text is essentially the same as what appears in the study guide.

I upgraded Sept. Much better than just studying questions and answers. After reading his guide I started taking practice tests and did really well on them right off. I passed my General with 2 wrong. I will be downloading the Extra Class guide soon. As you may know, the question pool will change on July 1, Your guides are now 2 for 2; I took and passed my technician exam in March and now 4 months later I took and passed the general exam, using your guides both times! Your guides are indispensable and will take their place alongside my ARRL Handbook as a source of info as I continue on as a ham.

Thanks for all your hard work. I certainly will, Dan. Bought the materials for a fan dipole and convinced my neighbor to string it across his properties so I can get some height. Dan, Your study guides are great! I am studying for my Extra class exam now. Dan, The extra class study guide is great. It allowed me to focus my studies on the questions I would be tested on.

I highlighted each question and added my own notes in the margins. I passed the Extra class exam easily and with confidence. Thanks again,. Getting back on the mic after taking 10 years off, what better motivation than getting my general? Check back with me by March or so. N1NJI 73s. Thank you for these! Started studying the material on , took the test and passed.

For me, the format is excellent. Almost 50 now, kids long gone out of the nest and more free time. Decided it was time to get this done! Will be downloading the General guide and then hopefully on to Extra!

Thank you for all your work on the Technician Study guide. It was my husbands idea to get Ham radio licenses and As usual, he asked if I would study and test too.

After 48 years of being together, I usually go along with whatever he is interested in because he is kind hearted enough to go along with mine wackiness! Our daughter took the Ham exams many years ago and passed so I had a little exposure to what it was and how it worked but I felt overwhelmed with using a manual. I was so happy to find your online guide which cuts out the extras and focuses on the exam questions!

Thanks to you I passed the exam with only 4 wrong answers! Unfortunately I failed the General exam since I had not even thought I would pass the Tecnicians but I am surely going to be ordering your General guides!

Number me among the thousands who have successfully used your no nonsense guides. I recently read the first technician class and passed the exam with only one week of study. Hello Dan, thanks for the free technician class guide. Before the guide I was usually passing practice tests aa9pw.

After spending a half hour with your guide, I passed the real test with no wrong answers. It was concise and helped me understand things not just memorize the correct answers. I just downloaded the general class pdf and have high hopes. Thanks for the kind words, Brian. What you describe is exactly the result I was hoping for when I wrote my study guides. Thanks so much for your informative study guides………… I learned much from your youtube tech class………..

Thank you for assembling and publishing these No-Nonsense guides, they have been remarkably effective study guides. On March 18th, at the Winterfest Hamfest in Annandale VA after less than two months of study using your No-Nonsense guides, Google, and no other resources, I passed my Technician and General class all at once on the first try.

Just a little help please. My adopted son 10 years old at the time and I 65 years old at the time visited a Ham festival in Jackson, MS just before my retirement and moving to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. At that show my son was asked if he wanted to get his license that day. How is that possible? I also am trying to get another license here old call was J6LKP issued in In St.

No-Nonsense Study Guides

Working 4 yrs on that. So how was the hamfest able to get youngsters a license in a short, non study time for my son.? You got me. To be sure that you pass the test at the end of the class, you really need to at least read through the study guide before you come to the class. Dan, Years ago I became interested in ham radio and got the arrl tech manual. Misrable failure. I abandoned the idea for a while. I then came across your study guide which allowed me to comprehend the material.

I took the tech test in early and got my call on my 15th birthday. Thank you for your amazing, easy to comprehend guides! Very cool, Dylan. A year ago I knew very little about amateur radio, and little more than 12 months ago I took a one day Technician certification class KB8NU taught at the University of Michigan one Saturday.

After the class the exam was held and I passed the first time. In January I started taking a General license class he was teaching, but due to schedules and illness I was not able to continue the weekly classes. I did continue to use the General License exam study guide, and last weekend I took and passed the General License exam. I consider myself very fortunate to have had Dan as a teacher.

Awesome guides. Read twice through each the Technician and the General. Passed both tests today. Literally went from nothing 4 days ago to passing both tests.

Did not look at anything else. After reading I just took each of the practice tests a couple of times to confirm I was ready. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Click here to get all of my "No Nonsense" study guides. Also available: Click here to register.

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Has audio SWR meter and audio feed back. Built-in 50 MHz frequency counter. Its built-in radio interface lets you use a simple wire cable to compatible rigs. Others require a cable with expensive electronics. Binding post for random wire. Highly efficient L-network. Now covers 6-meter band and has antenna bypass Switch! Dont go mobile without it! Dont leave home without this mobile tuner! Have an uninterrupted trip as MFJE extends antenna bandwidth and eliminates needs to stop, go outside and read just your mobile whip.

Handles Watts. Requires 12 volts for lamp. MFJD Fast, easy tuning Convenient placement of controls makes tuning fast and easy while in motion. Back panel has SO connectors for transmitter and coax and a wing nut post for your ground. Use it at home in your base station when youre not in your RV, boat or car.

SWR is just always low. Tunes your coax fed or random wire antennas 1. Matches Ohms SWR up to The more you use it, the more it learns.

AdaptiveSearch AdaptiveSearch determines a sub-set of all solutions that can provide a safe match and searches only that subset giving you an ultra fast match. Others search slowly through all solutions. InstantRecall InstantRecall first checks its memory to see if you have operated this frequency before.

You can use an antenna switch to select up to 8 antennas and assign each antenna its own memories! MFJ has values each of capacitance and inductance for , matching solutions giving you a finely tuned very low SWR. Heavy-Duty Components Heavy-duty L-network: SOs, random wire ant. Never Obsolete. No settings, only one cable to plug in!

Specify Yaesu: Never Obsolete! If you get a new transceiver, simply order a new Plug and Play cable. Super Versatile! Wide Tuning Range Ohms from 1.

Radio Interfaces. Automatic Bypass protects your amplifier. Field Upgradeable Software. Very Compact! With a capability of watts SSB and CW, coupled with automatic tuning, your high-power station can now operate essentially hands-free even when frequency and band changes are made.

If so, tuning is instantaneous.

When used with a transceiver interface cable, tuning is safe and "stupidproof"! When a tuning cycle is initiated, the MFJ first bypasses any in-line amplifier. When tuning is complete, the MFJ reverts your transceiver to its prior power and mode, and re-enables the amplifier.

This entire cycle typically takes less than a second! You can even select automatic power ranging -- the best power range is automatically selected for you.

You can even read the final matching inductor and capacitor values should you want to build your own fixed matching network. Simple menus determine displayed information - no complex button combinations to remember! Select up to 4 antennas on each antenna connector. Each antenna has memories, 20, total. Has two coax connectors and a binding post for end-fed long wire antennas. Download and Upgrade Remotely Field upgradeable firmware via the serial port -- download and upgrade your MFJ as new features are introduced!

Plus Much More! Built-in radio interface provides control of most amateur transceivers. Automatic bypassing when excessive tuning power or power in excess of watts is applied. Use balanced line antennas with external MFJ , 1. MFJ is the smallest full legal-limit auto-tuner in the world!

Weighs just 8 pounds -- great portability! Requires VDC at 1. Prewired Rig Interface cable for Icom and compatibles. Prewired Rig Interface cable for Yaesu and compatibles. Read SWR, return loss and reflection coefficient at any frequency simultaneously. You can read inductance in uH and capacitance in pF at RF frequencies. Large easy-to-read two line LCD screen and side-by-side analog meters clearly display your information.

SWR and Complex Impedance are displayed instantly! Trim dipoles and verticals. Adjust your Yagi, quad, loop and other antennas, change antenna spacing and height and watch SWR, resistance and reactance change instantly. Take guesswork out of building and adjusting matching networks and baluns.

Accurately measure distance to short or open in failed coax. Measure length of a roll of coax, coax loss, velocity factor and impedance. Measure inductance, capacitance. Troubleshoot and measure resonant frequency, Q of traps, stubs, transmission lines, chokes, tuned circuits, baluns. Adjust your antenna tuner for a perfect 1: Ultra fast. New 20, memories.

Antenna Switch. Efficient L-network. Select Watts Ohms or Watts Ohms. Audio SWR meter. Backlit LCD. Remote control port. Radio interface.

MFJ new VirtualAntenna Memory system gives you 4 antenna memory banks for each of 2 antenna connectors. When the impedance is within its measurement range, the MFJB is the fastest automatic antenna tuner in the world.

Frequency is measured and relevant components values are determined. For even faster searches, you can set the target SWR to 2 settable 1. Supports DX, DX and others. Click here! All Categories.In January I started taking a General license class he was teaching, but due to schedules and illness I was not able to continue the weekly classes.

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